Let's Eat Green

So, now that your working from home, hows your health?
It doesn't take much to get out of bed, step to your computer and spend the next eight (8)  hours reading, blogging and getting the latest news of the day.  It does however take determination to organize your day so that your top priorities are at the forefront of your day.  Your working at home for a reason. To be there for the family.  Your not home to just to make money, your there to be a stay at home mom.  To be able to take your kids to the park, pick them up from school, put your daughter in dance and pick your son up from soccer.   Your goal was to be your own boss.  But not because you were incapable of working for someone else.  Rather you wanted to be your own boss so that you wouldn't hit the glass income ceiling or be told how much vacation time you can take or how long you can spend on your vacation.

As a working mom who has a job in corporate America and also runs a homebased business, I understand how hard it is to find the motivation to forego all the sweet treats they bring to work every day or take a break from work to go for a brisk walk.  One way I've began to get my steps in, is by thinking about my future.  Yes, my goals for the future.  For instance once of my goals is a vacation in Hawaii.  I want to walk on the beach in a nice bathing suit and I want to look good in it. When I think about this it makes me get up and step away from my desk.  This gets my blood flowing and my heart pumping a bit faster.  Now I can use the S Health app on my phone to track how many steps I've taken. For some of you the Fitbit wrist band may be what you have.  If so, make good use of it and start a competition with your friends.  What ever you do, get moving with your future health in mind.

Get started first thing every morning.  While the children are getting ready for school, make your smoothie.  Walk the kids to the bus stop. Once their bus drives away, take a walk for 30 minutes.  You'll be finished by 8:30. Time to get back home, take a cool down shower and get ready for your work day.  Prioritize your online day and make your money.  Here's the recipe to the basic Smoothie that I like to drink every morning.

1 1/2 cup of Kale / Spinach Mixer
1 frozen sliced banana
1/2 cup of water.
Blended till smooth.  There is no ice needed because the kale/Spinach Blend and the banana are frozen.

Other ingredients I add:
Plain Yougart
A handful of Grapes
1/4 cup fresh Mango
Coconut Water
Peanut Butter

I love it because it actually helps me with my digestive system.  Walking 23 minutes a day on the treadmill at work and having this Smoothie as my breakfast replacement has allowed me to lose weight and keep it off.  Though I still have a ways to go, I'm well on my way to a healthy lifestyle and I've loving it.

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