Why I'm so over working for a corporation

Why I'm so over corporate America

For years I  wondered what it was like to work in corporate America. Then one day it happened.  I started working in the REAL Corporate America.  I'd worked in corporate America before.  But not like this.  I mean, I'm no baby to the job market.  I've worked for the largest retailer in the U.S.  Spent five years under that smiling face.  I've also worked for the K sign and the Bell. All of which were good jobs that allowed me to talk to others, meet people and move around.  Not just sit in a cubicle all 8 hours of my day earning a flat butt.

As I type this article, I'm sitting outside of my job in corporate America and I'm feeling stifled.  Yes, I said it. Stiffled.  I feel like this really good job that allows me to feed my family and take care of our needs, is becoming harder to mentally accept. I have to admit, its a really good job.  One that I prayed about for three years and moved all the way across the U.S. to work at.  Yes, I moved before I had ever put in a single application.  It was over a year after moving to the area before I actually got the job.  I then spent two years as a temporary employee doing the job before getting hired on.  Since I'm no spring chicken I knew there weren't many people expecting me to hang on and actually get this job.  Well, by the grace of God, I'm happy to say I'm STILL HERE.

 Yes, I'm working in that position that I basically had to fight for, prove that I could do and learn the culture.  Yet, from the beginning I've had no intentions of making this a 20+ year career.  Rather, I decided long ago that I would stay here a certain number of years and only while I'm building my own empire from home. I knew when I started that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life working for someone else.

Don't get me wrong, not only is this a really good job.  Its a coveted place to work.  Its one of those places were they give you free stuff, treat you like your important and they give you over 100 hours of PTO from the beginning.  They celebrate their employees once a year in a very big way and they show their appreciation every legal holiday and winter holiday season.

We laugh and we eat, we celebrate and we meet. ALOT.... If this company isn't forever having some kind of meeting.  Often times you can't even find your supervisor because they're in another meeting. But not me, I sit in my cubicle creating online invoices for our clients. One of the main things I find hard about corporate America is loyalty and trust. In the five years since I moved to this state and started working at this job, I've made literally what I believe to be one true friend.  One, yes one person that I would trust outside of my job and she no longer works at the office, so I don't get to see her anymore.  Bummer right?  I feel that way too.

Why I'm so over Corporate America.

So why am I so over corporate America?  Let me tell you.  First and foremost, its slowly killing my creative ability. Its what I would like to call a buzz killer. Not only does it drain you mentally, you walk away from the job feeling less than, no matter how well you've performed for the day.  The pay is just enough to make you feel Just Over Broke, yet you can't afford the vehicle you'd like to drive or the home you'd like to live it.  And I didn't say buy, I said live in.  Buying at this moment is simply out of the question.  Who can save any real significant amount of money when your seriously Just Over Broke?

If you don't know what I mean by this terminology, I'll tell you.  Its called having a JOB.  Yup, this is a job, not a career.  It provides me with very little peace of mind, however I am very thankful and blessed to have the type of job, working for the type of company that I work for.  Now, the question is, do I just this company to have my back?  Hell NO!  Sorry to curse, however there is no other way to put it.  Have my back, are you kidding me.  No way. We are talking about corporate
America where there is always someone ready to take your place, position and your problems.

I mean, think about it this way. You are suppose to cover the customers not your behind. Your suppose to follow the golden rule. Your suppose to get involved in the culture of the company and share your ideas of how they can do better and make improvements.  Yet you could get written up for going over your PTO time by 30 minutes.  Yes, you got that right, and if you get written up, you aren't allowed to apply for another job for over a year. Corrective action they call it.  Oh, and don't get in a confrontation with a co-worker.  It seems the entire team will feed you to the wolves and smile while your being eaten.  So, when I say I'm so over Corporate America, I seriously mean it.

I can't see myself here working for another 2-3 years, let alone 5-15 years.  Its just not possible for me to do.  I have to be my own boss.  By any means necessary.  I have no choice but to working outside of my job in corporate America.  I have no choice but to learn new skills, teach myself new techneques and get out of my comfort zone.  I have to do this for my family, but even more so for me.  I can't trust any one company to have my family or my wellbeing on their minds.  I have to make it work and stand on my own.

Well, lunch is over, back in to the building and back to case building for me. In a company that doesn't micro-manage, yet has eyes EVERY where.  OK, back to the honor system.

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