Our Moto: Everything we do, Every single day is for and about the black work at home mom.

​We're building a Social Support Network for black-work-at-home-moms.  This network was born out of the need to find like-minded business women who the founder knew would be able to understand the unique struggles and issues that black business moms face today.   Eleven years later this specific demographic of woman is still largely unrepresented with an unmet need in the marketplace today.

In her own words:
I started the Black Work at Home Moms Network in a desparate need to find other black moms who were running home based businesses. 
After looking all over the internet, I found nothing.

Yes, there were mom networks, christian mom networks groups, british mom networks, mompreneur networks and even East Indian and Latino mom groups. There was even one specific black mom group that got a lot of attention.  Their number #1 thing was playgroups and mom networking.

I wasn't interested in playgroup meetings. These women were mainly interested in mommy play dates. That wasn't going to work for me.  I needed to find like-minded moms.  The black-work-at-home-moms network was born on October 5, 2005

Now 11 years have passed.  God has breathed new life into my vision.  With determination and a motivated expectation, I'm ready to build the Bwahm Network just as I envisioned it 11 years ago. The journey to build Bwahm is not about me anymore.  Its about the moms who want to work from home and don't think they will ever realize this dream. In fact, statistics show that currently only 3% of all black-work-at-home-moms in the U.S. are actually married. 

Our goal is to support the black work at home mom, whether married or single. Creating accurate statistics and a home on the internet where black moms are able to Learn as well as Teach, Network as well as Collaborate, Buy as well as Sell,  Find Inspiration as well as Rejuvenate their Spirits and so much more.

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